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The Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin (FFTW) is a membership group of professional, active trainers and veterinary professionals with an interest in behavior advocating for the physical, emotional and environmental well being of companion animals.


The FFTW is dedicated to training methods and techniques that focus on teaching animals by rewarding desired behaviors and exclude the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation.


The FFTW members are passionate about education and take pride in collaborating with each other to help pets and their owners.

Members of the FFTW are evaluated throughout the year to ensure they are maintaining a high level of professionalism in the work they do. 


Our Training:


  • FFTW is always about compassion.

  •  We’re passionate about sourcing and implementing the most ethical, science-based techniques.

  • We do not use or condone ideologies, methods or gear that impart physical or psychological punishment or pain (including, but not limited to, the use of prong collars, choke-style collars, shock collars for the use of training or containment, citronella collars, throw chains, noodles, shaker cans and/or squirt bottles).



Our Members:


  • We embrace diversity. Together we create, learn, share, and educate.

  •  We treat each other with respect and dignity, while holding each other to our primary mission.

  • We provide a safe, humane, science-based resource for our clients and their companions.

  • We respect client confidentiality and provide an environment free of judgment and celebrate humane values.

  • We strive to understand and respect the bond between you and your pet, and work to enhance that relationship through education, training and support.

  • We are reviewed by the FFTW Steering Committee each year to ensure we are providing the best possible learning environment to our clients.



Our Clients:


  • FFTW starts with the promise of respect, but goes far beyond.

  • We emphasize the human-companion animal connection, and identifying the needs of both.

  • We create and deliver programs that are specific to those needs, and provide the knowledge and training for the client to implement.


Following the FFTW Mission Statement, our members...


  • Are dedicated to the use of science based training methods, utilizing the least aversive techniques possible.

  • Are committed to using positive reinforcement as a teaching tool and negative punishment
    as complementary management.




  • Do not use or condone ideologies, methods or gear that impart physical or psychological punishment or pain on animals.

  • Pursue and impart knowledge, maintain competence in animal behavior through continuing education, active training and applied experience.

  • Respect client confidentially.

  • Are not judgmental of clients.

  • Embrace human, specie and breed diversity.

  • Are aware of our abilities and will refer clients beyond our training expertise to a qualified colleague.

  • Will report to proper authority cases of human or animal abuse.

  • May not approve of methods used by some trainers outside of FFTW, but will not demean
    those trainers to our clients.

  • Understand the safety of the client, animal, self and public is essential. 

  • Will discuss all options and possible outcomes with our clients.

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